Welcome to the World of Frosting

The World of Frosting is home to Sweetlings, magic, and more. The world is comprised primarily of the Continent which contains four kingdoms, and the Great Blue Ocean. If you look closely, you may be able to spot the fifth kingdom, the Spice Isles, a bit off the Continent. However, even if you can spot this kingdom on the map, only those who belong there can truly find the Spice Isles.

The Continent:

The Cherry Kingdom

The kingdom of the Elite and the most wealthy of all the kingdoms, the Cherry Kingdom prides itself on being the best of the best. The Cherry Kingdom is run by a Monarchy and the courts. The two courts, the Noble Court and the Court, are made up of the top 70 wealthiest Sweetlings in the Cherry Kingdom. The Cherry Kingdom Sweetlings are always working to better themselves and rise up to or in the courts.

The Cherry Kingdom is also the kingdom with the most valuable natural resources. It is the home of the plant, Yssentia, which is the base ingredient in all compositions, edible or otherwise, with magical properties. Yssentia is rarely found elsewhere and that combined with the high level of talent possessed by the Sweetlings who live there has kept the Cherry Kingdom the kingdom of the Elite.